Toy Cameras, Creative Photos by Kevin Meredith

Toy Cameras, Creative Photos is the perfect book for creative photographers, image-makers, designers, and toy camera aficionados. Focusing on the photographs produced by 40 different toy cameras, this is a stunning visual guide to the unique stylistic qualities that different toy cameras offer. Arranged by camera model ,Toy Cameras, Creative Photos discusses camera characteristics, special tricks, foibles, functionality, and interesting projects by users, with a  visual emphasis firmly placed on the photographs the cameras produce. The working of each camera model are described, as are the ways in which they differ from “everyday” digital cameras, and the distinctive photographic results reveal a huge potential for experimentation that moves away from run-of-the-mill photography. Including a gallery of images produced by each camera, a resource section on film types, and adapting cameras to the use of film, Toy Cameras, Creative Photos is a comprehensive guide to this most hip and exciting of creative photographic endeavors.

  • Stunning photographs from 40 different toy cameras
  • Discusses each camera’s peculiarities and foibles, illustrated by a gallery of images from each model
  • Includes information such as camera specs, similar models, lens, flash, and film used

About the Author

An accomplished Lomographer, Kevin Meredith was ranked second in the world at the Lomolympics in Tokyo and was awarded third place at the Lomographic World Congress in Vienna. He is the author of Hot Shots and 52 Photographic Projects for Rotovision. He lives in Brighton, UK.

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