Great Graphic Design in Half The Time by Stephen Beale

Great Graphic Design in Half the Time is a highly practical, quick reference handbook packed with hundreds of useful pointers on how best to save time on graphic design without cutting corners. The contents of this book are organized according to the amount of time likely to be saved by each tip, beginning with keyboard shortcuts that are guaranteed to save valuable seconds, the book proceeds to outline the quickest ways to navigate software, desktops, scripts and plug-ins.

Readers are also provided with best-practice advice on topics such as setting up style-sheets and print presets, all of which can save designers hours or even days which would otherwise be spent cleaning up files in preparation for printing.

Throughout the book, screengrabs, icons and color-coding all enable easy navigation, also included are a host of online resources for matching and identifying colors, fonts, and print specs.

  • Although not version-specific the book is fully CS6-ready, with hundreds of time-saving technical tips
  • Includes shortcuts, software secrets, online resources, and best practice advice
  • Features color-coding, icons, and cross-referencing tools to help readers navigate and find the tip they need with minimal fuss


About the Author

Stephen Beale is an award-winning technology journalist whose main focus is on computer applications in the graphic arts. In addition to currently freelancing for HOW magazine, Stephen was one of the launch editors for Micro Publishing News and Digital Imaging, and he has also authored and co-authored several books on computer graphics.

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