About Rotovision

RotoVision remains the publisher of choice for illustrated books for professionals, students, and enthusiastic amateurs in all areas of the visual arts, providing inspiration and instruction in the fields of design, illustration, fashion, and photography. Continuing our long-standing and passionate commitment to innovation and excellence, we are excited to share our new line of books catering to commercially minded designer makers and discerning crafters. These beautifully presented books provide readers with the practical ability and the contemporary inspiration to apply their newly learned skills in unique and highly personal ways.

Rising to the challenges of the digital age, RotoVision books also offer opportunities to enhance content with digitally interactive features such as QR codes, appealing to a much more technically aware audience and tapping into the technology of our times. In this spirit, we are delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the brand new RotoVision Books website, which reflects
our exciting new direction while showcasing the quality and diversity of our list, as well as offering a dedicated Rights Center for all of our many and valued co-publishing partners.

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