Keeping Busy: How to Decorate and Embellish Fabrics

It’s such a pleasure to announce this brand new book. Publishing in December, the advances have just landed in the office and it looks great! (Yes, yes…even if we do say so ourselves and all that! Seriously, what’s the point of making books if you’re not allowed to go giddy with excitement when the hard work pays off and it looks amazing!?)

Some of you may know the fantastic Laurie Wisbrun from the lovely work in this book. Well, from her den of incredible creativity and design comes How to Decorate and Embellish Fabrics (called Embellish Me in US editions). Taking fabric decoration one step further, this book looks at everything from dyeing techniques like Shibori, batik, sun dyeing, and cyanotype, to adding embellishments such as lace, ribbons, and felt, as well as a few embroidery techniques such as needlepunch and applique.

With tutorials written by Laurie as well a combination of contributors such as Heather Dutton, Amy Prior and Carly Schwerdt of Umbrella Prints, Christina McFall, Sarah Hopp, Megan Van Sipe, and Rachel Hobson, the book features interviews with those contributors as well as a few more pros in the field like Tara Badcock, Louise Richardson, and Lucie Summers, who talk about their experience, passing on tips and advice about what it takes to go professional.

Decorate and Embellish Fabrics & Embellish Me

Both editions

L-R: Interweave’s US edition, (preorder or buy here); Search Press’ UK edition (preorder or buy here).


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